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Ultrasound in Chiropractic Care

Because of its many therapeutic benefits, ultrasound in chiropractor care is often used in a patient’s treatment plan. As its waves pass through the skin, they cause a thermal effect on affected areas, such as tendons, fibrous joint capsules, ligaments, scar tissue and bone structures. A chiropractor utilizes ultrasound to reduce pain, reduce muscle spasm and enhance the body’s natural healing process. This treatment modality accelerates the healing time of the inflammatory process by attracting mast cells to the injured area. It also ramps up blood flow, which is helpful during the sub-acute phase of an injury. Plus, it stimulates collagen production to promote during the proliferative phase of healing.

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For ultrasound healing, the device’s head is moved over the injured area for about fifteen minutes. Dosage and frequency are dependent on the nature of the injury, such as whether it’s chronic or acute. Each treatment builds on the previous session, so more than one treatment is typically needed. Lower frequency is used for greater depth of penetration, and high frequency is used for structures close to the skin’s surface. A chiropractor using ultrasound may use it for conditions like soft tissue injuries, muscle sprains, disc herniation, osteoarthritis and more. The treatment is painless and often dubbed a “micro-massage.”

When you’re injured, the goal is to recover as soon as possible. This way, you can get back to doing the things you enjoy the most. With ultrasound therapy, you’re on the road to recovery much faster. Heal faster, increase function and increase mobility with ultrasound therapy treatments.

Highland Chiropractic: Your Louisville Chiropractor

Highland Chiropractic in Louisville is your Louisville chiropractor who offers ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound therapy is designed to work synergistically with other treatment modalities, such as manual adjustments and corrective exercises. Louisville ultrasound chiropractor Dr. Charles Copeland implements a holistic approach to healing and may recommend a series of ultrasound treatments to lessen pain, quicken healing, reduce inflammation and reduce stiffness.

Ultrasound in Louisville medical facilities is a common and effective treatment modality. As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Charles Copeland uses Louisville chiropractic treatment plans that incorporate ultrasound therapy when appropriate. Sessions typically last from 20 to 30 minutes. Not only is ultrasound therapy painless, it’s totally relaxing. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Let our trained professionals do all of the work.

When you arrive for your first appointment at Highland Chiropractic, a comprehensive exam is performed, including physical, neurological and orthopedic tests. Once an accurate diagnosis is achieved, Dr. Charles Copeland then creates an individualized treatment and wellness plan to target your specific needs. If you’re suffering in pain due to an injury, ultrasound may be helpful. Give our chiropractor in Louisville a call at 502-454-5000 to schedule an appointment today. Wellness awaits you at Highland Chiropractic. We’ve helped hundreds of others and can help you too.