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Sports Injury Treatment

Highland Chiropractic Is Your Preferred Sports Chiropractor in Louisville

Getting injured while working out or playing sports is a fact of life for anyone, from the most active of athletes to casual players who only gets time to exercise on the occasional weekend. At Highland Chiropractic, we are experts in treating patients with all types of injuries. Our sports chiropractor in Louisville is standing by to assist you with your painful sports injury today, before it gets worse.


Common Sports Injuries Treated by Your Sports Chiropractor in Louisville

Any athletic endeavor can lead to an injury. You might become injured while exercising, such as overdoing it in the gym or trying a new movement that you aren’t quite familiar with still. Of course, many injuries take place during games. If your injury was so severe that it forced you to stop playing, we certainly can emphasize with your desire to get back out there as soon as possible.

Here are common sports with injuries that your sports chiropractor in Louisville treats on a regular basis:

  • Basketball (such as leg injuries)
  • Football (including ACL and knee injuries)
  • Soccer (including knees and legs)
  • Baseball (including rotator cuff injuries pitcher’s shoulder)
  • Hockey (often ankle and knee injuries)
  • Tennis (including tennis elbow, knee injuries)
  • Golf (such as back and shoulder pain)
  • Exercise and workout injuries, including CrossFit

This list of injuries is by no means comprehensive. If you have sustained an injury that is not listed here, please contact our office to check on what kinds of treatment you can get for it from our sports chiropractor in Louisville.

Expert Chiropractic Treatments for Sports Injuries

If you have never visited a chiropractor for treatment of a sports-related injury, it’s natural to be curious about what is involved. Your visit will commence with a consultation with our chiropractor to get details about what you were doing when the injury occurred and what you hope to get out of treatment.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Charles Copeland, is an expert in sports injury treatment and he will call upon his vast experience to come up with the ideal treatment program just for you. We can perform traditional spinal adjustments as needed. One non-invasive modality includes the Sacral-Occipital technique to check if your stiffness or pain is related to a misalignment in your spinal column, at the base of the skull or in your pelvis.

All treatments are designed to reduce pain, improve and restore your range of motion and cut down on swelling and inflammation. Before you know it, you’ll be back to playing sports, whether for personal achievement or to help bring your team to victory.

Make an Appointment with Your Sports Chiropractor in Louisville at Highland Chiropractic Today

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full-time athlete, getting injured while playing sports can certainly put a damper on your physical fitness activities. Getting expert help from a dedicated sports chiropractor in Louisville is just what you need to get back on the road to recovery. 

For more information about the sports injuries that we treat or to set up an appointment to consult with our chiropractor and get your own customized treatment plan, please get in touch with Highland Chiropractic at 502-454-5000 today.