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Sciatica FAQ

Answers About Sciatica From Our Louisville KY Chiropractor

Sciatica can be a puzzling problem for individuals who are experiencing odd pains and motor control issues in their lower extremities for no discernible reason. If you're struggling to figure out what's wrong with you and what you can do about it, here are some frequently asked questions about sciatica -- and how our Louisville KY chiropractor at Highland Chiropractic, Dr. Charles Copeland, can provide the solution to your suffering.

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What does "sciatica" mean?

The term "Sciatica" refers to an irritation or impairment of the sciatic nerve. you have two sciatic nerves, one for each leg. This nerve is the largest nerve in the body, relaying a constant stream of motor and sensory signals to the leg and its many smaller nerves.

What happens when the sciatic nerve or its roots become pinched?

When the sciatic nerve or the nerve roots that connect it to the lower spinal column become pinched, nerve signaling becomes faulty or incomplete. This interference can cause low back pain, pain extending through the buttock into the leg, foot tingling or numbness and loss of muscular control. Your symptoms may grow worse when you sit for long periods of time, cough or sneeze.

What causes sciatica?

The nerve impingement that produces sciatica is often associated with pressure from a herniated disc. Auto accidents, sports accidents and other traumas can allow discs to shift onto nerve roots. Degenerative spinal conditions such as bulging discs, spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis can also cause sciatica. Poor posture and incorrect spinal alignment can cause muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve to go into spasm and pinch the nerve.

Will sciatica go away on its own?

Sciatica may plague you for weeks and then seem to disappear --but don;t be fooled. The symptoms will keep returning until their underlying cause has been treated.

How does chiropractic adjustment treat sciatica?

Our Louisville KY chiropractor checks your body for any spinal misalignment or muscle tightness that could be contributing to your symptoms. A series of precise chiropractic adjustments can correct the misalignment issues, help discs return to their normal position and relieve unequal stresses that produce muscle spasms.

What other sciatica treatments do you offer?

We can use massage and physiotherapy to loosen the muscles, as well as stretches and other corrective exercises. You may also benefit from lifestyle adjustments that help you stand taller, sit more safely and create a more ergonomic work environment for yourself.

How can you keep me from developing future sciatica issues?

Periodic spinal screenings help us make sure your spinal alignment and posture are still in good shape. An ongoing wellness program of exercises to keep your muscle strength and flexibility intact will also help you maintain a balanced body, preventing muscle spasms and permitting each sciatic nerve to function normally.

Let Our Chiropractor in Louisville Help with Your Sciatica

Now that we've answered your questions, let's soothe your symptoms. Call 502-454-5000 to schedule sciatica treatment with our Louisville chiropractor at Highland Chiropractic!